Non-revolving credit line (NRCL)

Loans for procurement of vehicles, machinery, equipment, modernization and expansion of manufacturing facility without significant diversion of the company's own funds.
Competitive growth
Long-term financing
Competitive growth
Financing modernization, renewal and upgrade of the company productive assets in order to expand production
Long-term financing
Long-term financing for implementation of company's development plans

In the case of the progressive need for a loan as the project moves forward, the bank offers a Non-Revolving Loan Facility - a loan to be disbursed by tranches without a possibility to re-borrower the amounts repaid by the borrower. The loan disbursement and repayment are carried out according to the established schedule.

Terms and Conditions

Loan Term To be determined depending on the functional purpose of the object of financing, the investment project cost recovery. It should not exceed the lifetime of the equipment / machinery specified by the manufacturer.
Financing Amount Up to 70% of the value of the investment project
Supplementary Terms and Conditions Possibility of establishing an individual schedule of the loan disbursement and repayment depending on the terms and conditions of the investment project implementation. Loan grace period.
Loan Repayment The loan is repaid both at the expense of proceeds from the implementation of the investment project, and at the expense of the principal activity of the borrower.
Security Liquid pledge, including the possibility to pledge the object of financing as a collateral.