Corporate Governance

Joint-stock company "The State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine" is the state-owned bank with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine owning 100% of its shares, thus being its sole founder and shareholder.

In treating shareholders' rights and issues of control, transparency and enhanced efficiency, the bank adheres to the corporate governance principles.

Adherence to the above principles enables the bank management, its Supervisory Council and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to jointly define and tackle the pressing tasks in ensuring dynamic development of the bank as well as in enhancing its significance as one of the key forces supporting foreign trade activities of the Ukrainian industries.

The highest body in the bank management is its Supervisory Council.

The Supervisory Council executes control over activities of the bank and its Board, determines priority areas, strategy and objectives of the bank to protect the interests of the state, as its shareholder, alongside with those of the bank. It also performs other functions compliant with the Law of Ukraine "On Banks and Banking Activity".

Responsibilities of the Supervisory Council are defined in the Statute of the bank.

The Supervisory Council does not interfere with the current operations of the bank.

The Board of Directors of the bank is a standing executive authority, managing its current operations, responsible for its efficiency as prescribed by Ukrainian legislation and the Bank Statute.

The most important decisions are endorsed by the Board and the Bank's standing collegiate bodies (within the range of responsibilities delegated by the Bank Board).

In order to ensure the overall management as well as control over individual areas of activities the Bank has established a series of committees:

  • Assets and Liabilities Committee (ALCO),
  • Credit Committee,
  • Tariff Committee,
  • Competitive Bidding Committee etc.


Organizational structure of the bank is aimed at clear definition and segregation of:

  • Decision-making levels;
  • Activity areas;
  • Functions of front-, middle- and back- offices;
  • Responsibility for results


The Head office conducts immediate commercial activity and simultaneously performs management functions for the entire Bank system.