Online banking

One contract – full range of service
Legally binding
Available 24 hours a day all days of a week from any computer
You can work in the native application by installing software for Windows, or in any regular web-browser
Legally binding
The electronic document, signed with e-signature and sent via iFOBS has full legal force under Ukrainian legislation
Data encryption and electronic digital signature mechanism is used to ensure confidentiality and integrity

iFOBS functionality

The iFOBS system allows customers to manage bank accounts and sign any documents with the Bank via internet using a personal computer and standard software.

The electronic document, signed with e-signature and sent via iFOBS, in accordance with the terms of the Online banking agreement has full legal force under Ukrainian legislation.

The system allows to create and exchange any electronic document with the bank using e-signature key issued by the Bank:

  • documents and letters certified by e-signature
  • agreements with the bank with e-signatures
  • payment orders
  • orders for purchase, sale or exchange of foreign currency
  • orders for purchase, sale or transfer of securities
  • orders for brokerage operations
  • payroll statements


Other features for the customer:

  • statements for any period and review balances on all accounts
  • catalogues of the client’s counterparties
  • templates of payment documents
  • regular payments
  • group signing of documents
  • determination of access rights for different users 

How to connect

  1. Having signed Online banking agreement with the Bank, you will be able to access the iFOBS system with login and password and generate your Digital Signature Key (DSK).
  2. The system will ask you to print the Certificate of validity of DSK, which needs to be signed and a hard copy provided to the Bank.
  3. After activating the DSK, you will be able to make all operations online, including remote signing of all further agreements with the Bank.


The iFOBS system implements two options for organizing client’s workplace: client can use the program Win32-client or web client.

  • Win32 client - software is installed on the client's computer, which allows to work with documents and accounts off-line and connect if necessary with the Bank to update information.
  • Web client allows you to work from any computer connected to the Internet using a standard web browser.

Protection mechanism

The iFOBS system belongs to the class of secure electronic document flow systems working via internet.

The exchange of electronic documents takes place directly between the bank and the client.


Data encryption - to ensure the confidentiality of transmitted information. All electronic documents are transmitted in encrypted form. Data encryption is performed on session keys.

Electronic digital signature (EDS) mechanism - to ensure the authenticity (proof of authorship) and integrity of the document in the iFOBS system. Electronic document with EDS is the evidence base in resolving a conflict situation if any. The system implements EDS algorithms - RSA key and ISO2 hash function.

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