Wolfsberg Questionnaire

WOLFSBERG QUESTIONNAIRE has been designed by The Wolfsberg Group of global banks that aims to develop standards for Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Policies.

In compliance with the industry best practice and according to the Wolfsberg AML Principles for Correspondent Banking, Ukreximbank fulfils the Anti-Money Laundering Wolfsberg Questionnaire, including in its latest version, known as updated CORRESPONDENT BANKING DUE DILIGENCE QUESTIONNAIRE (CBDDQ).

The CBDDQ aims to set an enhanced and reasonable standard for cross-border and/or other higher risk Correspondent Banking Due Diligence as per the Wolfsberg definition and current FATF Guidance.

The WOLFSBERG CBDDQ, duly filled in and signed by the JSC Ukreximbank authorized officers, is available for correspondent banks by request sent to [email protected].