Financing for importers

Medium- and long-term financing under the Export Credit Agencies cover
Long-term financing
Grace period
Long-term financing
Option to attract long-term loans
Grace period
The grace period is equal to the preparation period
Option to choose a fixed or floating interest rate

Ukreximbank offers its customers an opportunity to finance supply of capital goods (machinery, equipment, technology, etc.) and related services from foreign countries through loans of foreign partner banks under the ECA cover.


  • Long-term borrowing
  • The grace period is equal to the preparation period
  • Possibility to choose either fixed or floating interest rate
  • Minimization of risks in the implementation of foreign economic contracts

The financing is provided by foreign lenders in the form of loans covered by the insurance of the export-credit agency (ECA) of the exporting country. The terms and conditions of these loans have minor differences as they are offered by banks from different countries, but the main terms and conditions are consistent with the OECD Consensus and are standard.

Terms and Conditions

Loan Term

From 2 to 7 years,
in exceptional cases up to 10 years (depending on the terms and conditions of the project and the lending bank consent)

Currency USD, EUR and other currencies
Amount Up to 85% of the value of the foreign trade contract

Advance Payment

From 15% of the value of the foreign trade contract is paid by the importer in favor of the exporter in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.
Interest rate for the borrowed loan funds:
Interest Rate To be agreed with the lender under the each specific project (the rate level will depend on the borrower credit rating and the terms and conditions of the project)
Fees Commitment fee (to be accrued on unutilized loan amount), arrangement fee / management fee (front-end fee), legal fees (if any)
Arrangement Fee

The fee level is established by the ECA of the exporting country and depends on the category of the importing country according to the OECD classification, the loan amount, the loan period, the subject of the contract, etc. Some foreign banks may include an additional exposure fee. The payment of the arrangement fee may be effected out of the loan proceeds (in full or in part)


The monetary and financial terms and conditions of the loan for each particular project will be specified in the relevant loan agreements with the borrower and will depend on the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage and foreign loan, as well as the borrower's credit rating and the loan project.

JSC Ukreximbank is recognized as a direct borrower / guarantor for medium- and long-term lending by a number of leading export-credit agencies (ESAs) worldwide, including:

  • ASHRA, Israel
  • HIGHWAY, the Netherlands
  • BAEZ, Bulgaria
  • BNDES, Brazil
  • CESCE, Spain
  • COFACE, France
  • COSEC, Portugal
  • ECICS Limited, Singapore
  • EDC, Canada
  • EFIC, Australia
  • EGAP, Czech Republic
  • EKF, Denmark
  • EKN, Sweden
  • EULER HERMES Kreditversicherungs-AG, Germany
  • EximBank Romania, Romania
  • Eximbanka SR, Slovak Republic
  • Eximbank of India, India
  • Eximgarant of Belarus, Belarus
  • FINNVERA Plc, Finland
  • GIEK, Norway
  • HBOR, Croatia
  • JBIC, Japan
  • KEXIM, Korea
  • KUKE, Poland
  • MEHIB, Hungary
  • MEXIM, Malaysia
  • NEXI, Japan
  • NZECO, New Zealand
  • OeKB, Austria
  • ONDD, Belgium
  • SACE, Italy
  • Sid Bank Inc., Slovenia
  • SERV, Switzerland
  • SINOSURE, China
  • TurkEximbank, Turkey