Project financing

Get money for your new company projects
Financing company development
Long-term financing
Financing company development
Financing important projects for expanding and upgrading business
Long-term financing
Long-term financing of company's internal projects
The well-qualified advice from the bank experts and assistance in structuring and supporting business projects

Project financing from Ukreximbank will help you to implement not only projects on modernization or reconstruction of existing manufacturing facility (rendering the services), expansion of existing business, but also to implement new business projects, to successfully propel the company forward, to reach new horizons of business development.

Terms and Conditions

Loan Type Non-revolving loan facility
Currency UAH, USD, EUR.
Loan Term Depending on the investment project implementation and the payback period. Possibility to get a grace period (deferral of the first repayment installment under the loan) for repayment of the principal amount.
Other Terms and Conditions The borrower business plan should evidence the solvency of the enterprise and cost recovery of the investment project. The sources of financing the current obligations servicing under the loan (monthly interest, fee payment) should be available prior to the project start to operate as per the planned performance indicators. The Borrower's net cash flow should be sufficient for monthly servicing of current loan commitments throughout the crediting period.
Security Liquid pledge. Option to pledge the security under the loan as a collateral, including the stepped pledging the security under the loan as a collateral.

The main factor in taking a decision whether to finance a project is its potential to generate the sufficient cash flow in the future to service the debt and achieve the goal of the project.

An individual financing scheme and a debt service schedule are established for each particular project, subject to the terms and conditions of the investment project.