Ukrainian Government Bonds and brokerage

Zero tax for trades with Ukrainian Government Bonds
100% guaranteed by the state without limits
Possibility of resale on the secondary market
Zero tax for trades with Ukrainian Government Bonds
No taxes are withheld for transactions with government bonds

We offer

  • Brokerage for any type of securities
  • Access to the primary market of Ukrainian Government Bonds
  • Executable secondary market quotes
  • Easy entry and exit the market
  • Online execution using secured e-signature

How to purchase

  1. Complete KYC documents and get Ukreximbank’s e-signature to sign all further documents online
  2. Contact International Business team for a brokerage agreement template and sign it online
  3. Make an online order to Ukreximbank to purchase Ukrainian Government Bonds at primary or secondary market
  4. Ukrainian Government Bonds can be sold either to a buyer from Ukraine or to a non-resident with delivery of securities to it’s Clearstream account.

International Business Team

+38044 2478975
+38044 2473885
[email protected]

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