Loans for investment projects

Ukreximbank is actively engaged in lending to the enterprises of the real sector of economy and takes the lead in the investment lending market for enterprises in all sectors of economy.

For the purpose of successful implementation of your investment projects Ukreximbank ensures:

  • Financing large-scale projects out of funds attracted from international capital markets
  • Possibility to use combined sources of financing, as well as use of several products simultaneously, allowing to optimize the scheme of financing and to make loans on more attractive terms and conditions for you
  • The type of loan is selected depending on the subject and purpose of the investment project

The loan amount (the credit line limit), the loan period, the loan disbursement  and repayment schedules, as well as other loan terms and conditions are determined in view of the loan project special aspects, the type of the enterprise activity, volumes of production and sales of products, proceeds on the borrower’s accounts, the borrower's creditworthiness, availability of security, etc.

Types of loans for financing investment projects

  • Non-revolving loan facility
  • Project financing
  • Medium and long-term financing under the cover of Export Credit Agencies (ECA)