Import Financing

The need for import financing arises due to the difficulties to agree delivery terms and payment of goods. Financial solutions and financial instruments help to overcome the complexity of trading operations and to adjust the needs of exporter with the importer's capabilities, as well as contribute to the development of the foreign trade market. The volume of trading operations depends on a certain level of trust between the parties to the trading operation, which is so important to maintain throughout the whole term of cooperation between the contractors.

In order to provide more effective foreign economic activity of the Ukrainian importers, JSC Ukreximbank offers the following ways of import financing at the cost of foreign banks and International Financial Institutions:

  • Pre-import financing
  • Post-import financing

Basic terms and condition of financing of import transactions:

  • Foreign economic contract, which provides for an actual trade agreement, i.e. delivery of certain goods
  • Client needs financial support to make the payment for the purpose of importing goods
  • Preferential use of documentary forms of settlements under a foreign economic contract (for post-import financing)
  • Basic period for pre-import financing is up to one year, for post-import financing – up to three years.