Feel confident developing your business. Factoring is a state-of-the-art solution for financing your trade!
Fast receipt of funds from the bank for the goods sold before the payment from customers
Receiving financing from a bank without registration of collateral
A personalized solution to finance your business with a business segment

Ukreximbank offers quality solutions that require business life, and structured in such a way as to meet the requirements of our customers

Advantages for Supplier

  • A quick advancing of sales performed under the terms of deferred payment
  • Positive impact on company financial indicators, increasing the rates of instant liquidity, and at the same time does not increase the amount of loans in the company's balance sheet
  • Factoring financing is repaid out of the debtors funds
  • Sales risk management
  • Company cash flow management
  • Increasing profitability


Advantages for Buyer

  • Purchase of goods on a deferred payment basis
  • Possibility to increase purchases without additional risks and expenses

Terms and conditions

Deferral of payment under the factoring transaction 15-120 calendar days
Advance payment Up to 90% of receivables
Currency of financing UAH
Limits Possible to manage the factoring limit
Factoring service Loan management, risk protection, consulting
Ukreximbank offers its customers factoring services with different levels of credit risk acceptance.

How does factoring work?

Step 1. The Customer (Seller) delivers the goods to the buyer on a deferred payment basis.

Step 2. The customer assigns to the bank the receivables towards the buyer for the delivered goods. The buyer receives from the bank a written notice of assignment of receivables in favor of the bank.

Step 3. After receiving documents on the supply of goods (rendering services), the bank pays a customer up to 90% of the amount of payment for the delivered goods or the cost of the service rendered.

Step 4. The buyer pays for the delivered goods or rendered services purchased on a deferred payment basis by transferring funds to a special account of the bank as a new Lender. The funds received by the bank are transferred to cover its indebtedness.

Step 5. The bank sends the balance of the buyer's payment to the customer's account.

How to use factoring

Step 1. Contact the bank

Step 2. Prepare documents for obtaining  terms and conditions to conduct appropriate for you  factoring transaction

Step 3. Read and understand the proposed terms and conditions of a factoring transaction

Step 4. Prepare and provide a complete set of documents for the bank to make a final decision

Step 5. Enter into a factoring agreement and inform the Buyers about the amendments in the payment details under the contracts in favor of a new Lender - JSC Ukreximbank

Step 6. Use factoring!