Pre-import financing

Safe way for realization of foreign economic activity of the enterprise
Financing through funds of international financial institutions
Risk Management
Reputation Support
Financing through funds of international financial institutions
Access to sources of financing for import and international trade
Risk Management
Credit and Currency Risks Mitigation
Reputation Support
maintenance of the reputation of your company with foreign partner

Ukreximbank using foreign bank funds (international financial institution) provides pre-import financing to Ukrainian importers for the purchase of goods, equipment, manufacturing lines produced in the country of the exporter, but not yet delivered to the territory of Ukraine, as well as for performing various works and providing related services.


  • foreign banks fund raising
  • maintenance of reliable reputation of your company with foreign partner

Having among the partner banks the global financial institutions with a worldwide network allows to JSC Ukreximbank to provide financing of import transactions entered into by Ukrainian companies with the counterparties from any country in the world.

Terms and conditions

Currency of the loan US Dollars, Euros
Term of the loan Up to 1 year
Loan amount Up to 100% of the Contract value, should be agreed with the Foreign Bank and/or IFI
Goods Equipment and goods which are not included to the List of exceptions*
Security Object of financing and/or other liquid assets

How to get pre-import financing?

Step 1. Contact the bank

Step 2. Provide information about the transaction that is planned to be implemented under the pre-import financing framework

Step 3. Receive the approval of the International Financial Institution (Foreign Bank/ IFI)

Step 4. Receive the approval of JSC Ukreximbank

Step 5. Get pre-import financing

List of exceptions

The following groups of products that are not eligible for financing by international institutions:

  • Defense industry, production or trade in weapons and ammunition
  • Production or trade in tobacco products
  • Production or trade in alcoholic beverages (except beer and wine)
  • Gambling, casinos and similar facilities
  • Production of substances prohibited by international laws
  • Production, distribution, sale and trade in pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and other hazardous substances
  • Trade in species of wild flora and fauna or products from endangered wildlife and fauna
  • Production or trade in radioactive materials
  • Production, or trade, or use of unbound asbestos fibers
  • Production or trade in products containing polychlorinated biphenyls
  • etc.