Post-export financing

Financial support to domestic exporters
Protection against risk
ability to receive export proceeds before making payment under a letter of credit
simple and convenient export financing solutions
Protection against risk
protection of exporter interests during the settlements

Are you working with your counterparties on the terms of deferment of payment? Or only consider the possibility of concluding contracts with new partners which insist on settlements with the deferment of payment?

Do you wish to receive post-export financing without collateral and prior to the terms provided for by the contract?

You should use JSC Ukreximbank's post-export financing services then.


  • Prompt refund of the exporter's operational activities
  • Improvement of exporters' liquidity indicators
  • Reasonable cost of services, which is established at the level of current interest rates under the loans without any additional commissions inherent in credit transactions
  • Simplification of currency regulations procedure due to receipt of export proceeds in the amount of documents under the letter of credit
  • Cash turnover acceleration and improvement of your company's liquidity indicators
  • By granting a deferment of payment, the exporter can rely on certain partner concessions (for example, increase in product price, review of delivery terms, agreement of other terms and conditions of the contract in your favor)

Terms and conditions

Payment method Letter of credit
Currency Financing in the contract currency
Collateral Not required

Post-export financing allows exporters to receive proceeds prior to scheduled date after shipment of goods, by submitting documents under the letter of credit to JSC Ukreximbank, i.e. earlier then provided for by the contractual terms. The letter of credit and an agreement entered into with JSC Ukreximbank regarding settlements under the letter of credit allows to credit funds to exporter’s account on the next business day after the day of presentation of documents under the letter of credit to JSC Ukreximbank.