Structured pre-export financing of stock reserves of agricultural and derivative products

Financial support for Ukrainian exporters of agricultural sector
Asset Management
Facilitation of export development
a wide range of financing opportunities for the exported product
Asset Management
effective asset management to support development of export
Facilitation of export development
expansion of Ukrainian goods to the new markets

Is your company an exporter? Does it search for a better price for agricultural products or products of processing thereof?

Do you sometimes have a need for working capital prior to the advantageous sale of finished goods?

JSC Ukreximbank offers structured pre-export financing of agricultural products stores and products of processing thereof.

Terms and conditions

Lending type Revolving credit line
Term Up to 36 months with the short-term structured operation mode
Loan currency Hryvnias, US Dollars and Euros
Loan amount Up to 85% of price of goods, which will be provided to the bank as a collateral
Security Goods in stock – grain, grain legumes and oilseed crops (wheat, barley, rape, corn, soybean, sunflower seeds), which are documented as a collateral on the basis of double storage certificates in certified stores/elevators
Goods for sale – grain, grain legumes and oilseeds crops and/or products of processing thereof (bulk sunflower seeds oil, rapeseed, soybean oil and protein meal)
Does not require fixed assets collateral