Pre-export financing out of funds provided by foreign banks

We lend money for export products manufacturing
Export Orders Financing
Expansion of sales markets
Export Orders Financing
Pre-export financing covered by foreign banks and IFIs
Expansion of sales markets
Increase in trade volumes through the release of working capital

Pre-export financing covered by foreign banks and IFIs means customers financing to guarantee production and shipment of exported goods, equipment and components or to purchase such goods, equipment and components for further export purposes. This is a specific type of financing allowing enterprises to release working capital related to the payment of production costs and the delivery of export products. Export financing helps companies to grow and to increase their trade volumes.

Due to cooperation of JSC Ukreximbank with leading foreign financial institutions, Ukrainian exporters have the opportunity to receive pre-export financing to guarantee production and export of goods, purchase of equipment and components. The funds are allocated under an export contract entered into between the Ukrainian exporter, a customer of JSC Ukreximbank, and its foreign counterparty. The source of loan repayment is the proceeds from the sale of the exported products.


  • Individual approach to each Customer
  • Examination and assistance in a foreign economic contract design
  • Maintenance of your company's sound reputation with foreign partner