Documentary Operations and Trade Finance

The international practice often includes trade finance instruments to finance international trade operations. Such financing may either include opening a letter of credit by the bank or issuing a bank guarantee with no monetary coverage by the customer at the moment of the respective instrument issue (letter of credit opening / guarantee provision), or be provided as a loan for production or purchasing of goods to be exported by the customer (so-called Pre-export Financing), as well as be performed in form of the bank’s payment of documents under the export letter of credit with a deferred payment opened in the customer’s favour, before the letter of credit maturity date (so-called Post-export Financing).

Ukreximbank offers a wide range of operations and services related to trade finance and documentary operations.

Trade finance by Ukreximbank is:

  • Professional appraisal by the bank’s specialists
  • Broad geography of international settlement transactions coverage
  • Access to international trade facilitation and export development programs
    • Trade Facilitation Program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    • Global Trade Finance Program of the International Finance Corporation
  • Possibility of minimizing risks of foreign economic transactions, related the level of trust between the counterparties, as well as optimizing settlement-related expenditures
  • Various forms of facilitation and financing of trade operations

Use the advantages of Ukreximbank and broaden the horizons of your business!