Belorussian import program

Lending program from Ukreximbank and the Government of the Republic of Belarus for Ukrainian enterprises

Ukreximbank and the Government of the Republic of Belarus offer attractive terms and conditions for purchase of a wide range of Belarusian products, which are sold in Ukraine.

If you have chosen and wish to purchase agricultural machinery, vehicles or equipment made in the Republic of Belarus, the Belorussian Import Program for long-term loans will help to save your money.


  • A wide range of sellers and products
  • Minimum advance payment
  • Partial interest rate compensation by the Government of Belarus

Terms and conditions:

Tenor up to 5 years
Currency National currency
Advance payment (own funds) minimum 20%
Interest rate Borrowers have an opportunity to get a partial interest rate compensation from the Government of Belarus in the amount of 2/3 of the NBU discount rate, but not more than 8% per annum
Frequency of interest and fee payments Monthly
Loan security Object of financing and/or other collateral acceptable to the Bank according to the Bank regulations