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We, the Supervisory Board of UkrEximBank, unanimously join the appeal for immediate support to specific requests from the Government of Ukraine stated in below mentioned PrivatBank’s Supervisory Board letter to Foreign Ambassadors to Ukraine and International Financial Institutions.

Olyana Gordiyenko, Sergiy Konovets, Dimitri Chichlo, Dominique Menu, Victoria Strakhova, Laszlo Urban, Yuriy Terentyev, Vladyslav Vynyarsky, Yuriy Butsa.

TO: Foreign Ambassadors to Ukraine International Financial Institutions (IFIs)

FROM: PrivatBank’s Supervisory Board

SUBJECT: Appeal to Foreign Governments and IFIs to Support the Government of Ukraine’s Request for Immediate Assistance

Dear leaders of Ukraine’s international partners and stakeholders,

On behalf of PrivatBank, the biggest bank in Ukraine, we address Your Excellencies  to register our heartfelt plea for your immediate response to specific requests made by the Government of Ukraine for assistance needed to defeat the profoundly immoral attack by Russia, an attack not only on Ukraine but on the entire civilized world. 

Along with the National Bank and other banks in Ukraine, our bank’s management and employees are taking heroic steps to keep the financial services of the country flowing.  They continue to process payments, support businesses throughout the country, keep branches open, transport cash to load ATMs, and maintain all the systems and security necessary to support these activities. This often during bombings, disrupted fuel supplies, Russian troops attacking throughout the country, and the inevitable tragedy of war.  

The level of courage and commitment is humbling but gives us hope.   Our colleagues work from branches and from their homes where bombs and ground fighting is in their street.   They work in cars moving to safer locations in order to be able to work even more there.  They work from bomb shelters.  They serve at great personal risk and sacrifice.  They believe in freedom and democracy. 

The Russian attack is not a surprise, but never did we believe that in our lifetimes, we would see Ukraine stand against Russia’s invasion alone.  We use our collective voice to ask for your support to ensure real and immediate assistance that will help Ukraine on the ground, in the air, and in the cyberspace is provided. With the assistance of international partners, we are confident that the banking system and Ukraine can continue.

With deepest respect and urgency, The Supervisory Board of PrivatBank

Sharon Easky, Artem Shevalev, Yulia Metzger, Nadir Shaikh, Roman Sulzhyk, Eran Klein, Olga Tomash, Sebastian Schoenaich-Carolath, Sergiy Oleksiyenko