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Announcement on competitive selection for the position of the Chairperson of the Board of JSC “State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine”

According to the decision of the Supervisory Board, the competitive selection for the position of the Chairperson of the Management Board of JSC “State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine” is announced (hereinafter - Bank).


JSC Ukreximbank is a Ukrainian bank, 100% state owned, that plays a critical and unique role in the financial system of Ukraine. Currently, the Bank is the third largest bank in Ukraine in terms of assets. Historically focused on export/import operations, the Bank has developed, of all Ukrainian banks, the largest foreign network of correspondent banks and provides a wide range of specialist products to support export growth for its clients.

Today, the Bank provides a wide range of banking services to public and private sector enterprises in such areas as the military-industrial complex, aircraft construction, implementation of infrastructure projects, energy, etc. The Bank plays a leading role in financing the country's transformation through the implementation of strategic projects and programs.

The Bank is an experienced and active participant in international capital markets. Due to its unique position in the national financial system, the Bank is a key financial agent of the Government of Ukraine and a priority partner of international financial organizations in Ukraine.

One of the key functions of the Bank is the facilitation and servicing, on behalf of the Government of Ukraine, of the loan agreements entered by the Government of Ukraine and Governments of other countries. The Bank  acts as an agent of the Government of Ukraine and carries out the servicing of loans provided by international financial institutions in accordance with the terms and conditions of such agreements.

Please follow the link (Consolidated annual management report) to get detailed information about Bank’s current business model, strategic goals and priorities. Bank’s site with financial and statistical reporting:  


A candidate for the position of the Chairperson of the Management Board must meet the following general criteria:

  • have a university degree;
  • have at least five years of experience in the banking and/or financial sector(s) in total, including at least three years on senior managerial positions (CEO and Deputy CEO experience);
  • experience in leading a mid- large- sized bank(s) focused on corporate clients. Preferably including at least ten years of leading operations in corporate lending markets and capital markets, project finance, and export finance.
  • demonstrate professional suitability in the meaning of the Banking Licensing Regulation, approved by NBU’s Management Board Resolution No. 149 dated 22 December 2018, which provides, inter alia, the presence of a set of knowledge, professional and managerial experience required to properly perform the duties of the Chairperson of the Management Board, subject to the business plan and strategy of the Bank, as well as the functional load and areas of responsibility of the Chairperson of the Management Board;
  • have impeccable business reputation in the meaning given in the Banking Licensing Regulation, approved by NBU’s Management Board Resolution No. 149 dated 22 December 2018;
  • have no criminal records other than conviction that expired or was properly quashed;
  • have not been prohibited from holding the relevant office or conducting some types of activities;
  • native Ukrainian speaker, business competency in English may be an advantage.
  • possess professional knowledge in best practices of corporate governance, including Principles of Corporate Governance for Banks of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and Principles of the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation on Corporate Governance in State-Owned Enterprises
  • have banking experience in at least several of the following fields, including but not limited to: corporate and/or medium enterprises lending, infrastructure finance, international trade finance, documentary transactional business, domestic and international capital markets, non-performing loans resolution, and treasury;
  • should not have relations with or have worked for sanctioned entities and people.
  • successful track record of cooperation with the Supervisory Board and a diverse stakeholder community.
  • should have Ukrainian citizenship and be eligible to get access and authorization to state secrecy in accordance with the legislation.

Candidate for the position of the Chairperson of the Management Board that meets the following criteria to experience, competencies, drivers and traits will have an advantage:

  • Having an additional education/degree in General Management/ Business/ Administration/ Banking/ Economics / Finance and others, and/or professional qualification/membership of professional association(s).
  • Proven business development skills and experience in managing teams in generating growth in commercial and financial results while effectively managing risk.
  • The candidate has to demonstrate courage and leadership at his/her previous workplaces, as well as proven diplomacy skills and experience in managing stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Highly organized individual who can operate at both a strategic level and at a detailed, tactical level.
  • Dynamic, forward-thinking leader. Self-confident but also self-aware.
  • Able to articulate the vision and values to every level of the team and inspire all to achieve the vision.
  • Action-oriented, decisive, and able to make timely decisions. A strong change agent who is a good listener and respectful of others.
  • A leader who leads by example. A person with integrity whom others respect and want to follow.
  • Possesses the intellectual capacity to understand all facets and drivers of the business and make decisions with complete recognition of short- and long-term implications. A team orientation is a must, as is a consistent “can do” attitude.
  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills and willingness to act quickly to rally his team around the common vision for the bank’s growth and development. Hands-on team player with a roll-up-the-sleeves attitude yet can effectively delegate.
  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written, to lead and motivate employees, work directly with key customers, and represent the bank across all stakeholder groups.

A candidate for the position of the Chairperson of the Management Board will be assessed through psychometrics assessment KF4D / KF Assess to meet the following criteria that are critical for the role:

  • Balances Stakeholders - will anticipate and appreciate the varying needs of all parties invested in outcomes
  • Ensures Accountability - holds self and others accountable for meeting commitments
  • Strategic Vision - sees ahead to future possibilities and translates them into breakthrough strategies
  • Engages and Inspires - creates a climate in which people are motivated to do their best to help the organisation achieve its objectives
  • Manages Conflict - handles conflict situations effectively, with a minimum noise
  • Team leadership - a courageous, persuasive communicator with evidential integrity who will generate followership
  • Agile approach - a structured, collaborative, adaptable manager who will navigate networks, align execution, and will have an adaptable approach and demeanor




17/12/21 – 21/01/22

21/01/22 – 04/02/22

  • Assessment by the recruiting company of documents and interviews of the recruiting company with contestants, who meet requirements the most
  • Preparation of a short-list of candidates (up to 5 candidates), who are admitted to the next stage of the competitive selection.

07/02/22 – 14/02/22

  • Nomination and Remuneration Committee of the Supervisory Board of the Bank along with the recruiting company holds interviews with shortlisted candidates admitted to the second stage of the competitive selection (in person or online).
  • Determination of 1-2 finalists, who will be recommended for the final interview with the Supervisory Board of the Bank.


  • Final stage - Interviews with Supervisory Board of the Bank (in person or online).


All documents and information obtained during the competition for the position of Chairperson of the Management Board by Korn Ferry from the applicant and by the relevant applicant, including the fact that the applicant has submitted his/her candidacy for participation in the competition (hereinafter - Confidential Information) are confidential. Korn Ferry starts processing the information received from the applicant for the position of the Chairperson of the Management Board only after obtaining a scanned copy of the signed consent to the processing of personal data per the attached form.

In order to determine the order of processing, namely collection, registration, accumulation, storage, renewal, use and dissemination (including distribution, sale, transfer), of the Confidential information and to ensure its confidentiality, the applicant admitted to participation in the competition for the position the Chairperson of the Management Board should sign a non-disclosure agreement with Korn Ferry in the form to be provided by Korn Ferry.

The contestant  admitted to the interviews with the Committee and the Supervisory Board shall additionally enter into a non-disclosure agreement with the Bank in the form to be provided by the Bank.

If the said applicant / contestant uses the assistance of third parties, including translators, for the purposes of participating in the competition for the position of the Chairperson of the Management Board, the applicant/ contestant must also ensure the conclusion by the relevant third party of non-disclosure agreement(s).

Professional and leadership competencies will be assessed by an independent expert who is a Senior Client Partner at Korn Ferry UK with 30 years of professional experience.

International financial organizations and G7 embassies will be present during the selection process as independent non-voting observers.


The candidates interested in participating in competitive selection, shall send the initial package of documents to Korn Ferry till 18:00 pm Kyiv time of January 21, 2022. Please find list of the documents needed by the following link.

Contact details:

e-mail:  [email protected]

Phone number: +44 (0)20 3819 1126

Messenger: +44 78 2432 6862 (WhatsApp)

Contact person: Anastasiya Siryk