iFOBS remote banking service system

One agreement – full range of possibilities!
Works 24/7 on any computer
You may work in a native program by installing in on Windows, or in a standard web browser
All base transactions with accounts and payment documents are available
Electronic payments are always cheaper than payment through the bank’s cash desk

You dont have to choose between the Internet banking and the classic Client-Bank anymore; the new iFOBS remote banking service system combines the advantages of both systems.


One agreement – full range of possibilities!



  • Promptness (works 24/7 on any computer);
  • Flexibility (you may work in a native program by installing in on Windows, or in a standard web browser);
  • Comprehensiveness (all base transactions with accounts and payment documents are available);
  • Economy (electronic payments are always cheaper than through the bank’s cash desk).


Terms and conditions

iFOBS – is a new remote banking service system based on modern technologies and functionally replaces the existing Client-Bank and Enter EXIM internet banking systems.

After a while, Client-Bank and Enter EXIM systems will be put out of operation.


The iFOBS system enables business entity clients to manage bank accounts via the Internet using a personal computer and standard software. The iFOBS system offers two options of a client’s workplace organization: the client may use the Win32-client program or a web-client.

  • Win32 client: the software is installed on the client’s computer and allows working with documents and accounts offline and connect to the Bank to update the information when required (similar to the Client-Bank system).
  • Web client allows to work on any computer connected to the Internet, using a standards web browser (similar to the Enter EXIM Internet banking system).


Basic functional capabilities of the iFOBS systems

Creation and sending of electronic documents by the client to the Bank:

  • payment orders in the national currency;
  • payment orders in a foreign currency (for foreign currency transfers within the Bank and МТ 103 transfers);
  • applications for purchase/sale/exchange (conversion) of foreign currency;
  • payroll records;
  • emails.

Other functional capabilities for the client:

  • formation of statements for any period and viewing of balances on all accounts;
  • obtaining of results of account cash flows promptly throughout the day;
  • viewing of exchange rates of the National Bank of Ukraine and other helpful information;
  • downloading of payment documents from the client’s own account, which allows to considerably simplify the accountant department’s work;
  • availability of the client’s counterparties reference books, as well as the possibility to copy existing documents, which saves considerable time to prepare payment documents and send them to the Bank;
  • creation of payment documents templates based on details (accounts, counterparties, payment purposes), for regular payments, which allows to save time spent on transaction performance, minimizes errors in payment orders;
  • regular payments (creating by the client of a regular payment order, automatic formation of payments in accordance with the order and setting their frequency (daily, weekly, monthly);
  • group signing of documents;
  • possibility to manage an unlimited number of accounts in real-time, with the possibility of monitoring their state and cash flow;
  • division of users’ right;
  • setting of a control signature of documents, etc.

The list of services the client may receive through the iFOBS system will be continuously extended.


The mobile version of the system is to be introduced (to be installed on mobile devices running iOS and Android operating systems).


Comparison of remote service systems

Feature iFOBS Enter EXIM Internet banking Client-Bank
Using secure key carriers Yes Yes Yes
Using security keys on file carriers Yes No Yes
Using security keys issued by the fiscal service Yes No No
Using alternative browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) Yes (in case of using security keys on file carriers) No Browser is not used
No need to use a certain computer with installed client software Yes (in case of using the web-clients) Yes No
Offline work Yes (in case of using the Win32-client) No Yes