The easiest way to purchase fixed asset with a complete set of related services
Minimum of problems
Complex of services
Affiliate programs
Minimum of problems
all the related issues are regulated by leasing company
Complex of services
supply, insurance and registration under within the framework of one agreement
Affiliate programs
common programs with manufacturers implemented at reduced rates


  • Minimum of problems –the related issues are regulated by leasing company
  • Supply, insurance and registration within the framework of one agreement
  • Possibility of financial leasing for state-owned and public-sector enterprises
  • Change of the lessee during the term of the agreement if necessary
  • Availability of common programs with manufacturers implemented at reduced rates

Terms and conditions

Advance of leasing subject value: from 18% for automotive machinery, from 30% for equipment
Term: from 12 to 60 months (depending on asset type)
Front end fee: from 1% of the amount of financing
Currency of financing and rate: Hryvnias – from 19%*
equivalent in US Dollars or Euros at the exchange rate – from 8.8%*
preferential rates for software products with agricultural machinery manufacturers.
compensation up to 8% per annum under the program of financing of goods manufactured in the Republic of Belarus, including in connection with financing in foreign currency.

The schedule of payments will additionally include the cost of registration (if necessary) and will be added cost of property insurance in equal amounts.

The date of receipt of financial leasing subject is the date on which the customer accounts it in his and receives expenditure and tax invoice for the total value of the leasing subject.

After payment of all payments under finance lease agreement, the leasing subject passes into the ownership of the customer.

* - the cost depends on the market situation and the availability of special offers

For the public sector and state-owned enterprises:

State-owned enterprises and public sector enterprises are able to acquire under finance lease terms and conditions fixed assets through a financial institution in accordance with the Law of Ukraine On Public Procurement.

More information is available on the website of LLC EximLeasing www.eximleasing.com.ua